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If you have any questions about working together, need more info or just want to chat through my services please get in touch.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you do?


    You can find out all about the services and packages that I offer on the Services page.
    I offer website design, website improvement and maintenance and influencer packages.

    I also offer assistance in getting set up online. You can get in touch and ask me anything that you are struggling with doing your self whether that be getting a personalised email address, hosting etc I can help.

    How much do you charge?


    Pricing for the different services and packages that I offer varies and can be project-based or hourly. You can get in touch through the form above to find out more.

    Do I need web design or website maintenance?


    If you need a new website, then my web design package is perfect for you.

    Already have a website and you are unsure if you want to change a few things or go all out and do a complete makeover just get in touch and I can help. please get in touch. Sometimes it can be more cost-effective to start again than spending time trying to work out what someone else has done before.

    Where are you located?


    I am based in London but the beauty of working online is I can work to any time zone.